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Weather Beacons:

As part of the normal packet BBS beacon announcing call, and awaiting mail, Using a Program I Adapted,
the BBS also announces local weather conditions,  Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Wind Gust,
Also Selected Weather Watches/Warnings, This is provided via a weather feed from Weather.Com and uses software
written by Singer Enterprises called "Weather Watcher" Version 5.6.23c

WFBB 7.00E Complete FBB English.txt With Greeting Weather Watcher FBB/BPQ32
WINFBB 7.01-35 Complete F6FBB Complete Docs WFBB C 32 Connection Filter
WinFbb 7.01-35 Update BPQ32_20120925 WINFBB Message Renumber
WFBB 7.00I 16 BIT Complete Programs Starup Delay Packet Radio & BPQ Web Sites
WFBB 7.00I 16 BIT Update FBB Commands Auto 7-Plus Add On
BPQ32 IPGateway RUNFBB.BAT With HouseKeeping Port.sys for BPQ32 and 1 Telnet Port


Winlink 2000 Utilizes enabling technologies and sound operating practices to provide a full-featured
radio digital message transfer system, worldwide.  Email transfer with attachments,  position reporting,
graphic or text-based weather bulletins, and emergency communications are now available separately
to the Amateur radio, the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS), and UK Cadet Forces communities by
linking radio to the Internet.

 For the Amateur service, Winlink 2000 users, whether on the high seas, jungles of a remote region,
or traveling in an RV, have the ability to provide their family and friends with the state of their
safety and well-being along with the joys of their travels.

 The Winlink/RMS Packet Telnet Gateway is available from N9PMO-10 accessible on 145.03 MHz

Airmail Packet N9PMO-13

WINLINK2K Software Downloads


OutPost Packet AirMail
Packlink Telpac Download

Other Software Downloads

UI-VIEW APRS Software WinPack 6.8 Software  TELNET Access Fix for IE-7 & 8
MSYS MULTI BBS WFBB Packet Bulletins AGWPE Software

System Software  I used:

WinFbb 7.00I 16 Bit version
BPQ32 Node Switch Version

AirMail V 3.4.033
Weather Watcher V 5.6.23c

MSYS Vesion 1.20Beta4
XRouter 32 201b
Telnet TCP/IP

BPQ-Chat Server
BPQ-ISP Interface

AR-CLUSTER V 4.4.32 Telnet 23


E-Mail mmelnik1@wi.rr.com

Click to join BPQ32

Click to join BPQ32

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